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Window to the Womb baby scan picture

A big hello everyone – we’re Maria and Dan and have recently opened Window to the Womb in Doncaster, a 3D / 4D baby scanning studio.  We offer gender scans at 16 weeks which are 99.9% accurate, for those who want to know if they’re team pink or team blue – which is a whole four weeks earlier than the 20 week NHS scan! Aside from gender scans, we also have 3D and 4D scans providing amazing photos and videos, set to music of baby. These are best done when mum is around 27 weeks pregnant when baby has had chance to lay down some fat and there is a good amount of fluid around.

We can get some incredible photos of baby where you can see their features including pouty lips, as well as sucking thumbs and even high fives! Our baby scans are more than about just finding out gender (for those who want to know), they provide a real baby bonding experience for mum and dad to be. We have lots of children who visit us who are soon be big brothers and sisters and it’s a great opportunity for them to share in this wonderful experience of pregnancy, especially as some of the local hospitals are less enthusiastic about having little ones in the scan room. We have a large dedicated children’s play area and love seeing children in our studio – in fact we have a little boy ourselves who’s often in the studio and very happy to play trains (Thomas is his favourite) with any little people who visit!

Window to the Womb Doncaster scan room

We have a large comfortable scan room with three 50 inch TV screens, so you can clearly see baby wherever you’re sat in the room. We can accommodate up to eight guests and we use the very latest technology which will give you a truly amazing view into your baby’s protected world. All our baby scan packages start with a wellbeing check of baby; our fully qualified & registered NHS sonographers will check movement, heartbeat baby position and placental position.

A few weeks ago, Leah and Jordan came to see us for a Take a Peek scan, to find out what they were having and to have a little look at baby in 4D. This is their experience:

“My partner and I visited Window to the Womb Doncaster on Saturday 11th February with our families.  Everyone was so excited to find out whether we were Team Pink or Team Blue! We chose the Sneak a Peek sexing scan package.

Approaching the studio, we entered a country park hosting the 20th century, picturesque St. Catherine’s Hospital. The studio itself is a very large, red brick building with lots of signage so you really couldn’t miss it! It helped knowing we were in the right place as we don’t really know Doncaster that well! As we entered, we were greeted by the lovely staff members in a light, bright and airy room. There are pictures on the wall of scans that have been completed and there are items dotted around that we could purchase if we had wanted.

The lady at the desk, Amy, gave me a form to complete with my name, due date and date of birth and asked me to take a seat. This form later went into the scan with us and was filled out with details about what position baby is in and where my placenta is. I was given a copy of it to take away with me. We were then taken through to the scan room, which actually felt more like we were being taken into a spa! Again, there was a large sofa for our families and there were 3 huge televisions so everyone could see what was going on. I have a naughty baby so I had to turn either way on the bed, but it didn’t matter because I could see a screen at both sides.

The scan was amazing. It was so clear. First, we were shown baby’s little heart beating and they let us hear it. The Sonographer then had a look between baby’s legs to have a peep at what gender baby is. We are having a little girl! It was so emotional to have our families there at that moment – seeing my mum burst into tears was the icing on the cake – she never cries! We got to see baby in 4D which was incredible. Although baby is so small, we could see her tiny nose and fingers! There are no words to describe the feeling that scan gave us. Following the scan, we got to choose our photos and any extras we wanted. We opted for some seriously cute little pink booties and a Heartbeat Bear. They recorded baby’s heartbeat for us and put it in a fluffy elephant so we could take it away with us and listen to it whenever we like!

The whole experience was wonderful. I cannot put into words how much the whole thing meant to all of us! Our families are still saying how stunning the place was and how non-clinical it all felt. It was a day we will all remember forever, and honestly, you can’t put a price on that!”

You can see Leah and Jordan’s scan here.  Our Facebook page has our news and deals, interesting articles on babies and pregnancy and customer reviews. We look forward to seeing many of you and your babies soon.

Maria and Dan

Window To The Womb Doncaster cupcakes

Science Creates Love

We are committed to supporting the mental health of new parents and especially new mothers. The change of identity in becoming a mother, the overwhelm of information and comparison, plus the physical demands of looking after a new baby can cause anxiety and lead to feelings of isolation. Isolation and feelings of “not being good enough” have far reaching consequences for mothers and their children. Research summarised by RCM shows that; The long-term effects of continued postnatal depression include compromised emotional (e.g. Stein et al 1991) and cognitive functioning of children (e.g. Tronick et al 1986) Depression in the postnatal period is associated with insecurity of attachment in early childhood (i.e. around 18 months postpartum) (e.g. Murray 1992; Stein et al 1991) Nearly half babies of depressed mothers show lower levels of left frontal brain activity (e.g. joy; interest; anger) (Dawson et al 1999).

Groups like baby massage, yoga and our Love creates Love groups provide support and help create relationships and connections where new parents can talk about their feelings and, where needed, ask for help. Research shows that attending a baby massage class may help early interaction between mothers with depression and their infants (Onozawa et al 2001). Love Creates Love groups promote self love and care and celebrate the role of parents in educating the future generation. When parents are supported emotionally, they can be present and emotionally available for their children, helping to teach kindness and compassion through their responsiveness. Children are then able to grow and develop empathy through others, and this has the potential to create a more connected society. Our work is not only helping promote the physical and emotional benefits of touch for babies. It is helping to support, value and celebrate new mothers in society who arguably have a vital role.