Hey mummy !

I’m Rachael and I’m here to teach you Pregnancy Yoga or Baby Massage (or both!)

I’m a mummy too, to my lovely, little Nell. I totally understand the immense highs and the scary lows of parenthood.

I have recently been campaigning to:

  1. Raise awareness about pre and postnatal depression.
  2. Celebrate the post-baby body by highlighting the variations of beauty.

How have I done this?

By creating a calendar - for the Pandas Foundation (Pre And PostNatal Depression Advice and Support) charity - of amazing women, with the help of an amazing team. Please take a look at Bodies Beyond Babies to find out more!





I am passionate about early childhood education and supporting families. Having suffered a difficult pregnancy and birth, she is working tirelessly to produce a Nurture Movement for mummies, daddies and children. 'Skin to skin', 'love' and 'bonding' are incredibly important factors to her work, as well as being a Chief Ambassador for Blossom and Berry's Love Creates Love Campaign (blossomandberry.com).  

I am a baby massage and pregnancy yoga expert but also a trained Early Years Professional, I also hold  a Postgraduate Certificate in Education at Master's Level.  Creative and with a love of singing, I am an advocate for imaginary play, having a BA (Hons) in Acting to thank for that - as well as Sir Paul McCartney, having trained at his Institute for Performing Arts in Liverpool (LIPA).

When I am not teaching, I am busy being the mum - and best friend - of my 2 year old daughter, Nell. my partner, Owen, completes the family unit.


Future Projects

  • Expanding Love Creates Love under the nurturing wing of Gayle Berry (blossomandberry.com) and in partnership with Nikki Wall, Doncaster's Weleda Wellbeing Consultant.
  • Creating a Doncaster PANDAS support group for pre and postnatal mental illness support (with two other mums).
  • Providing mini massage therapies (hand and foot).
  • Rachael will be striving to take mindfulness and meditation into schools or to older children, with her Massage Adventures Course and The Zen Den Counselling services for children and adolescents.
  • Rachael is also writing a Baby Phonics book for parents and teachers - watch this space!



Finally a couple of pics of Rachael teaching in China:

Reviewed Zen Birth Pregnancy Yoga / Zen Baby Massage - Doncaster – 5 star
9 May 2017 ·
I am doing the Learn, Stretch and Play Yoga with my almost one year old and am loving it. It's a great atmosphere for parents and babies/toddlers alike. I feel we both really benefit from these sessions. It's a great mix of massage, stretching and meditation to a variety of songs. Rachael has been really welcoming, and makes the sessions really interactive and inclusive. I've found it really helpful to relax and take a bit of time out. I would highly recommend this to other parents/carers.

Rachel Martin

Rachel Martin